Treating Discogenic LBP

Many treatments for the various types of LBP exist and may be considered standards of care, though the adoption of which may vary with geography and medical practice. These include, at least initially in some circumstances (e.g. in particular reference to axial discogenic pain), conservative care regimen with certain changes of lifestyle, exercise, and managed rehabilitation. It is believed that up to 80% of LBP that presents medically to a doctor may improve with such conservative, non-interventional care regimen over the course of about 3 months. However, of the remaining 20% who do not resolve and are considered "chronic, severe" LBP patients, various more aggressive surgical interventions may be available. These may include, purely by way of example, and without reference to addressing any specific presentation of LBP: nerve injection/block, decompression, discectomy, fusion, and/or disc replacement or "arthroplasty".

Any patient suffering from LBP should consult their own doctor, including possible specialists when indicated, to determine the recommended course of diagnostic or therapeutic options available to that patient for their particular condition, and should not direct any decision with respect to their medical care in any way based upon this summary or information on this site - which is intended for general background purposes of our company's direction and mission only.
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