Introducing NOCISCAN-LS™: Taking the pain out of spine pain diagnosis

What We Do

NOCISCAN-LS™ is a non-invasive, objective quantification that identifies the pain threshold for each disc in the spine. While an MRI alone will tell you which parts of the anatomy are problematic, NOCISCAN-LS harnesses the power of MR Spectroscopy, telling you which discs are most painful – and to what degree.

Why Nociscan-LS?

  • Standard MRI images can help physicians identify morphological, subjective reasons why a disc may be painful
  • Nociscan-LS quantifies biochemical markers associated with a painful disc and presents them in an objective, intuitive report
  • Uses non-invasive, painless, no-dose (non-ionizing radiation) MRI images
  • May enable earlier identification of lumbar discs for surgical intervention


  • A revolutionary tool that can help aid doctors in diagnosing lumbar back pain
  • Performed on widely available Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Scanners
  • Fast! Typically only 30 minutes for a three-disc exam
  • Cloud-based processing engine processes exam and automatically returns report to the physician

About Us

Nocimed harnesses the existing power of Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (MRS) for non-invasive, objective quantification of relative chemical differences in tissues applied to assess the relative chemical biomarkers for tissue degeneration and pain.

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