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Nocimed's primary mission is to develop new technology platforms into products that will deliver improved and cost effective approaches for diagnosing and localizing tissue degeneration and related pathologies, and in particular via platforms for assessing changes in tissue chemistry associated with degenerative pain.  Our initial focus is to enhance the local diagnosis of painful intervertebral discs of the lumbar spine in patients with chronic, severe "discogenic" low back pain typically associated with degenerative disc disease (DDD).  We hope that our technologies in the future will augment the diagnostic information provided by standard lumbar MRI, which is done in about 3 million of these patients considering major surgery annually, and also provided by needle-based provocative discography which follows MRI in about 400,000 of these patients each year.

This focus is principally directed toward the advanced clinical development of our investigational software-based Nociscan™ MR spectroscopy (MRS) application – which proposes a non-invasive, non-painful, objective platform to measure changes in tissue chemistry of intervertebral discs via standard high field MR systems and MRS pulse sequences.  We are investigating use of this platform to demonstrate correlations of these chemical-related measurements to degree of disc degeneration and pain, with hopes in the future to provide such additional chemical-related information to supplement today’s standards of MRI and provocative discography (and other available information) to assist doctors in diagnosing discogenic pain.

The broader visions for our company in the future also include creating and developing new technologies and applications that augment the utility of existing imaging modalities to directly address urgent diagnostic needs – and to provide physicians and patients with useful information they need to appropriately determine and direct the most appropriate treatment options for optimal outcomes.

CAUTION: Nociscan™ is restricted by Federal Law to investigational use. Nociscan™ is investigational only and not available for sale or use within or outside of the United States. Nocimed™ and Nociscan™ are both proprietary trademarks of Nocimed, LLC (all rights reserved). Nocimedís technologies and products are considered proprietary and the subject of multiple patents pending within and outside of the United States. Physicians interested in possibly becoming an investigator in Nocimedís investigational research are encouraged to contact the company directly via the contact information provided via link on the companyís website home page.

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